Mediation ~ Negotiation

Mediation ~ Negotiation

Mediation ~ NegotiationMediation ~ NegotiationMediation ~ Negotiation

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Who We Are


Pro Mediations, LLC is a mediation and negotiation private practice located in Raleigh-Durham, NC.  Our Principal is David H. Henard, Ph.D. 

Dr. Henard has a decades-long record of success in the fields of business management and higher education. He is available by appointment to mediate conferences between disputants in the areas of business, higher education, civil law, and amicable divorce proceedings. He is a professionally certified mediator by the North Carolina Superior Court system program. For more information on mediation, please click here.

Pro Mediations, LLC also provides organizations and individuals with training seminars and cerfications in negotiation. Dr. Henard has trained hundreds of individuals in the art and science of negotiation both in the US and internationally. He is professionally certified in negotiation from both Harvard Law School and the University of Southern California. For more information on negotiation, please click here.