Negotiation Seminars & Continuing Education

Our Approach

Negotiation certification and continuing education (CE) courses available from David Henard

Our approach to the study of negotiation is very hands-on. We know that the vast majority of people are uncomfortable with their own negotiation skills. In fact, many people avoid negotiations when possible because they viscerally dislike the negotiation process. Even those who negotiate as part of their job responsibilities often reach sub-optimal results in their negotiations.

Our continuing education seminars combine the fundamentals of negotiation training such as BATNA, ZOPA, WAWA, bargaining ranges, and distributive & integrative bargaining with psychological, sociological, and cultural insights to create an enlightened model of negotiation. 

In line with the Harvard Law School philosophy on negotiation, we take a facilitative and integrative approach to negotiation education. The Pro Mediations model of negotiation training is based on our Total Intelligence approach, which combines the trilogy of negotiation intelligence, emotional intelligence, and cultural intelligence to provide participants with a solid understanding of and competence in the art & science of negotiation.

Active Learning Environment

interactive executive education with an active learning approach to negotiation and continuing education seminars

All training is conducted and supervised by an instructor certified in negotiation by Harvard Law School’s Program on Negotiation (PON).

Each seminar is highly interactive with minimized "lecture" time. Seminars are taught in an Executive Education format with each participant personally conducting multiple negotiation and/or mediation role-play scenarios with other course participants. 

Our philosophy is that negotiation skills are best learned and/or honed by actually practicing the art & science of negotiation rather than by observing or listening to others.

Preparation time is largely limited to in-class hours. Longer training sessions will involve some overnight preparation for the following session. Seminar participants proceed through a series of increasingly complex negotiation scenarios and build their skills with each progression of material.

Seminar Topics

Negotiation topics for continuing education (CE) training offered by David Henard

Here are just a few of the topics covered in a Pro Mediations, LLC negotiation seminar:

  • ZOPA
  • MESO
  • Total intelligence
  • Bargaining ranges
  • Reservation points
  • Anchoring
  • Integrative bargaining
  • Distributive bargaining
  • Bias
  • Persuasion
  • Setting objectives
  • Trust
  • Emotions
  • Tactics
  • Multi-party negotiations

Our negotiation training seminars can be personalized and are perfect for continuing education credits. Please have your organization representatives contact us in order to begin the process. 

Seminar Costs

affordable negotiation seminars and executive education

12-hour Negotiation Certification Training

$495 per participant

1 ½ day training 

Includes all materials

30-hour Negotiation Certification Training

$849 per participant

3 ½ day training 

Includes all materials

30-hour Negotiation & Mediation Certification Training (coming soon!)

$849 per participant

3 ½ day training 

Includes all materials

All continuing education seminar fees include a course textbook, course role-play exercises from Harvard and Northwestern Universities, and snacks throughout the sessions. Participants will be on their own for meals unless arranged for separately. 

Companies and organizations can receive discounted rates to those published above when on-site facilities and multiple participants are involved.